Newsletter - Chips Off The Rock - April 2021

Spring arrived while we were sleeping last Saturday at 5:37am.  The frogs are peeping in a chorus of high soprano voices.  The maple tree by our deck is blooming with the promise of making gobs of helicopter seeds that wiggle down in a few weeks. The grass has become green again.  The gardens need to be planted with plans for weed and critter control.  The bunny rabbits are hopping freely. 

After an entire year of being in an isolated state of suspended energy, the world of the  Midwest comes alive again.  Spring brings new promises with the wild flowers popping up in every available spot.  These weeks also require all the plans and preparations needed to meet the warm weather or it will be too late to do all the planting and pruning and preparing.

Holy Week arrives in this season of awakening.  Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are reminded of resurrection as the natural world restores itself.  Our brothers and sisters nearer the equator and in the Southern Hemisphere receive quite a different season during Easter. I wonder about our daughter who lives in Bangkok, Thailand, just up the road from the equator.

At Rock Run we have also been in an isolated state.  Without the benefit of meeting together for several months, the burst of energy we see outside our windows reminds us that we have gathered together as a church family only sporadically.  The Implementation Committee is deciding how often and in what manner being together might be possible.

For Holy Week 2021, we have some plans.  Palm Sunday will be an audio recording.  Maundy Thursday and Love Feast will be outside at 6:30pm, in and near the pavilion.  There will be no meal but wet wipes will be provided for washing each others’ hands.  The bread and cup of Communion will also be provided as we celebrate the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples.

Easter Sunday will begin with an 8:30am outdoor Sunrise Service, so we can actually see the sun come up.  Then an Easter Egg Hunt will follow at 9:00am.  We will start the Easter worship earlier than normal, at 9:30am.

Sunday gathering plans in April are not completely decided.  We will try to meet inside or outside depending on the weather and the state of the virus in our community. 


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