Newsletter - Chips Off The Rock - November 2018

Rock Run Autumn Activities

Enjoy the following pictures from some of our fall activities: special music during worship, noodle-making for the fall bazaar, Pastor Tim with the pastor’s appreciation bulletin board, and the wood-cutting party to supply firewood to a local family.

Minutes for Mission

December 16, 2018 – Norm Waggy reminded the congregation how blessed we are and how much we have been given.  We are especially blessed with many material things we tend to take for granted.  He referenced an article from the November 2018 issue of The Messenger about the Global Women’s Project and their idea of a self-imposed “luxury tax.”  This tax would be a pre-determined amount of money to contribute each time a person uses something that is a luxury in his or her life.  For example, a penny every time a faucet is turned on.  Norm encouraged families to come up with a plan and an exciting way to donate their own luxury taxes to non-profit groups that exist to help those who aren’t able to enjoy the same luxuries we are.

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