Newsletter - Chips Off The Rock - January 2020


I am the Christmas Star.  I know it’s kinda hard to believe.  A star talking.  You have all these stars of the Christmas story who have been talking to you for centuries.  Have you heard them:
Abraham‘s blessing for all people, 
Isaiah’s prophecy about the child to be born,
Gabriel and the angel messengers from God speaking to Mary and Zechariah and Joseph and Elizabeth and the shepherds and all… 
The gospel writers, like Luke, 
John the Baptist announcing Jesus‘ arrival in the city, 
The innkeeper providing the birthing place,
Simeon and Anna recognizing the baby Jesus and the gift of God from prophecy long ago, 
The animals who shared their home with the child and his family.
Far in the distant horizon I see the wise men, coming to worship this new king.

God created all the stars, seemingly unlimited in number.  At night you see a canopy of lights spread from horizon to horizon.  I have been here since time began.  I watched God create the trees and salamanders, the sheep, donkeys, and camels.  I have seen all of human history.  I was moved a little  closer to Bethlehem when Jesus was born, to help with the birth announcement. 

While you are sleeping I am shining brightly, along with millions of others, just like me.  We saw the first elephant walk on the savanna.  We heard the angels announce the birth of Jesus. We shined brightly on the day your ancestors dedicated this place of worship for that child Jesus, born today.  It seems so long ago, in your memories.

Night and day – we shine on all your lives.  We saw you parents take you home for the first time.  We saw your first day of school.  That night you came home sooo late, we saw you.  Then you gazed into the night sky and wondered about God, and who you were in such a vast place as the universe.

We stars, we move all the time across your sky.  Even in the day when you cannot see us.        Constant movement.  Always present.  Almost like God who made you – and us.  God’s plans moved me to Bethlehem.  I am here today, but not as bright.  Here with you in God’s beautiful creation.

When you walk outside tonight you might look up and see me, somewhere in the heavens above.  Look at me.  I shine just for you.  And remember – God loves you more than you can ever imagine. 
God loves stars and planets and cosmic energies beyond your ability to comprehend. 
God loves you through the child, Jesus. 
God loves you through your family, who give you life. 
God loves you through the church, with all its flaws,  
God loves you – not because of what you have done, but because God made you and you belong to God. 






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