Newsletter - Chips Off The Rock - May 2019

I have been doing some spring cleaning in my office.  The season of Lent and Easter along with spring fever has caused the papers to pile up and assume their own quality of disorder.  I found a few from 2016.  Putting these documents and objects back into some order requires the application of energy. 

From my office window I can see farmers applying energy to their fields. These expanses of soil will produce food for us to eat.  In the foreground of the scene out my window is a row of peonies.  They are slowly putting forth gobs of leaves topped with dozens of flower buds.  They do this in an orderly fashion.  In a few weeks these plants will provide a canvas of pink flowers for us to enjoy.

The second law of thermodynamics assures us that unless we apply energy to systems they will become increasingly random and chaotic.  If we forget to do some spring cleaning, a sea of papers will evenly spread throughout my office, our homes, and our landscape.  Litterbugs awaken!  If God did not provide the sun to supply energy for our farms and flowers, we would not be here.

It takes a tremendous amount of organization to keep our bodies together.  How much energy was required to conceive of a simple amoeba or the incredible diversity of critters in our world?  In the first verse of Genesis it says:

       In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 

Keeping all these organisms coordinated and functioning is a miracle.  It demonstrates God’s ability to apply energy to the systems we have surrounding us.

Spring cleaning reminds me of one of the rational arguments for the existence of God.  If left to natural processes, the universe would become increasingly random, causing life and all these organized systems we know to disappear.  Dandelions, bluebirds, tulips, worms, and soybeans—they all need God to keep applying energy for them to exist. 

Spring seems to be the time when order is restored to our lives.  Easter arrives and new life pops out of the soil.  As we apply energy to systems, they keep going.  When we stop, the systems stop and move into disorder.  So, keep up the spring cleaning.  Not too much, though.


Minutes for Mission

June 2, 2019 – Rhonda Dorn highlighted the Church of the Brethren’s Disaster Ministries and Children’s Disaster Ministries.

This COB initiative assists with childcare in areas affected by disasters so that parents can concentrate on paperwork.  It also provides trauma-care for the children.

Brethren Disaster Ministries often remains past the initial weeks following a disaster to provide additional assistance with rebuilding and other needs.

Anyone interested in volunteering with part of this ministry can learn more from Rhonda.


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